What Former Interns Say

"I discovered things about my true artist's self through classes and loving, honest mentors." - Kristal Adams 2012 

"Thank you for the best summer of my life, the help in gaining a job, the encouragement and wonderful people.  Thank you for believing in us." - Frank Weidner 2012

“What made it so successful was that I was depended on as an intern and my contributions helped move things forward. It was such a valuable experience to work directly with the designers….. I got the chance to understand their color scheme and design choices. It was important for me to gain insight into their process. Also, working in the different fields made it clear what each person was responsible for and how the different job responsibilities overlapped. “
-- Garbo Grossman,  Costume Intern

 “I enjoyed the overall exposure to the inside workings of theatre. As a theatre patron I was just always taken up in the magic of the production I was watching. Now I understand the complexity and the contributions of each component of a production. As a team we provided an invaluable service to the overall possibility of Showtime! “
-- Harriette Middleton, Stage Management Intern

“When you intern, its all about the people you work with. I enjoyed every minute of my summer at Theatricum not only because the place itself is so magical, but also because the people are so friendly and appreciative. If you want to laugh as you learn, then Theatricum is where you want to be.”
--Jenny Brum, Teaching Intern
“As an intern with the Youth Drama Camp, I had the amazing opportunity of introducing kids to Shakespeare and professional theatre….. at the same time playing an integral role in helping them feel confident in an ensemble and successful and proud at performing in front of their friends and family. ….as an intern you not only have the challenge and opportunity to help facilitate this but the chance to be a friend, mentor, and role model to your campers. “
Anne Nemer, 2006 Professional Acting Intern
“…as a student I was truly unaware of how much I was learning because of how much fun I was having. The way Theatricum blends social responsibility, learning Shakespeare, dozens of different techniques and SO much fun, produces this inspiring and powerful effect within all of its campers. As my role changed from camper to intern teacher to Group Leader, I was able to work with and be part of this magical system from the other side. From this, I understood even more, the importance of creating this atmosphere of fun and laughter to better achieve goals of learning and growth. “
Henry Garf, Teaching Intern
“Through this program I developed my strengths and skills as an actor.  I built up my confidence ...I’ve applied all the skills ... to all aspects of my life, both within the industry and in my personal life.”
--Jeena Yi, 2009 Professional Acting Intern

“Amazing opportunity to work with amazing people.”
-- Eliza Kiss, Professional Acting Intern

“Theatricum Botanicum is truly a Garden of Eden where beauty,truth and lifeflourish“
Anne Verrier Scatolini, Professional Acting Intern

“A refreshing and welcoming home for any heart searching for its place in a true artistic community.”
– Jennifer Schoch, Professional Acting Intern

 “Theatricum challenged me by diagnosing my weaknesses and providing the environment to transform them into strengths ….”
-- Donna Simone Johnson,  Professional Acting Intern

“After being a camper at Theatricum for many years, returning to work with my former teachers was such an amazing experience. Not only is it a valuable work experience but it is so rewarding and fun, it is the only job I have had that I truly look forward to going to everyday.”
--- Melanie Prescott,  Intern Teacher

2009 intern Ella Martin
in Julius Caeser