Arts Management Internship

Theatricum’s Arts Management Internship is an excellent opportunity to cultivate a passion and understanding of professional theatre and arts education programming. We seek energetic, self-motivated individuals with strong leadership, communication and organizational skills to work directly with program managers and directors. We will tailor the internship to accommodate each student’s interest and goals. Arts Management interns may elect to work in more than one department, dividing hours among the different programs for a more diverse experience, or chose to stay within one specific area of management.

Education Director
School Programs Director
School Days Program Manager
Adult Programs Manager
College Programs Manager
High School Programs Manager
Youth Programs Manager
Repertory Season Producer
Fundraising Coordinator
Office Manager
Marketing Coordinator
Box Office Manager
House Manager
Volunteer Manager

Arts Management Interns are unpaid positions; to be eligible you must be 18 years of age and have housing and transportation in Los Angeles. If interested please submit the application form, theatrical resume with references and a cover letter stating your goals.

Contact Information:
Phone: (310) 455-2322 ext. 226
Jackie Banks-Mahlum: